Please do not be scared to love yourself.
Don’t be scared to hold yourself close,
To remind yourself it will all be alright,
To uplift yourself,
And accept yourself for who you are.
Don’t forget to give yourself kisses,
To embrace every wrinkle
Every blemish,
Every scar.
Please don’t measure your worth by your surroundings,
You are not your home.
You are not the people you live with.
You are not your babies.
You are you, and you are good at doing that and
You are enough.
Please don’t forget to succumb to joy.
Don’t forget to let yourself be a reason you smile.
Don’t forget to take care of you,
To take a bath,
To eat a meal prepared only for you,
To take yourself shopping,
To relax and unwind…

Please don’t be scared to love yourself.
Don’t be scared to trace your fingers along the pain,
To pause and simply feel
To accept happiness and sorrow,
To forgive yourself.
Please don’t be scared to cry
No matter the situation, how happy or sad….
Do not worry when it feels you are the only one–
You are not!
Do not feel your worth has been diminished–
It has not!
Do not be ashamed when you aren’t the same as last year–
You shouldn’t be her; she is gone!
Do not be scared to love yourself.





I can’t control this one.
I find myself embarking on adventures
With you…
Unsure of where the road takes us I have had to learn to trust
I have had to learn to breath
I have had to learn that
When it comes to us
Things will be different and

I consider so many possibilities
In the end I
Release them all into
The still night as you
Snore beside me in your peace.

I could never predict
Where the path we hold hands on
Will lead to.

Dec 13

Projecting the Future


And when it’s all over who knows what this mind’ll think
Where these thoughts’ll flow
And which memories’ll pop up first…
With each day I make mistakes and
Wish more kisses came and honey flowed and
That these lips weren’t steel and coal.

Oct 10, 15

Not Alone


I’m  not alone
These days.
Even in the darkest of depths and
The highest of vibrations
I can feel a familiar turn of
life I
Hold dear to my soul and
I can’t forget–
Every stretch and release of
Feelings within are
Shared with two who
Will be
Because I chose.

Oct 10, 15

[I could not help but hiatus black art for this queen whose picture rose swelling in my soul 💜]



Maybe the day will come when I think of you and grief does not overwhelm me

But today is not that day

May 2015

Twenty Five


I haven’t even hit age twenty five,
And can’t remember half the days I’ve been alive.
I allow the thoughts to slip through my mind
While automatic proceedings dictate this grind.
If I am to live the life that I deserve,
I must be wary of the choices I serve.

April 2015